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Paws University’s Boarding & Day Care Terms & Conditions

1. All dogs must have completed their initial series of puppy vaccinations before being admitted to Paws University.

2. All dogs must provide written documentation that they have had the following vaccines:

  • DHLPP- Specifically: Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough): We prefer vaccinations administered annually, unless recommended otherwise by your Veterinarian

3. All Doggie Day Care participants must be spayed or neutered; however, puppies may join us until they’re seven months old without being spayed or neutered.

4. Boarding dogs do not have to be spayed or neutered. However, if your dog has not been spayed or neutered, you will be required to purchase the Non-fixed Package for the duration of their stay. During their stay, they will have no interaction with other dogs. This package is to insure that your dog will have a chance to play with a staff member in lieu of dogs and keeping with the premise of Paws social environment.

5. Before being accepted to Paws University, all dogs will go through a careful behavioral screening. Dogs must be non-aggressive and non-territorial with humans or other dogs over food, toys and space. If at any time during your dog’s stay they may become aggressive, a “time-out” will be given. They will be subject to a staff review and may not be allowed to return. Remember, the health, safety and happiness of all our students is our number one concern.

6. We will only release dogs to the guardian we have on file. If someone else is going to pick them up, you must let us know ahead of time by adding them to the waiver.

7. If your dog has recovered from a communicable disease, a health certificate will be required for further visits.

8. Dogs coming to Paws with an ongoing medical condition that is neither life threatening nor contagious, and requires extra time spent by a technician, will be subject to the Junior package for the duration of their stay.

9. In the event of rain for Doggie Day Care you understand that there are no official “waterproof” buildings for the dogs. Although the dogs don’t mind, you acknowledge that your dog may come home a little wet and dirty from all the fun in the rain. Please take the precautions necessary to insure yourself a drier vehicle, i.e. towel in your car.

10. Here at Paws University we believe in kennel-free boarding. The benefits of this method over traditional boarding include more exercise, increased freedom, a high level of socialization and a general fun and pleasant experience away from home. However, there are certain risks that come with all this freedom. The dogs are supervised at all times, however rough play does occur and this leads to a slightly increased risk of injury.

11. In case of emergency, your dog will be taken to the indicated emergency vet A.S.A.P; all bills will be the guardians responsibility. If we cannot contact your indicated vet, we will take your dog to an available vet.

12. Reservations are required for Boarding. If you have to cancel, we will need 24 hours notice. Without it, a $25 no show fee will be assessed. Dogs that board with us 30 or more days are required to pay half payment upon drop-off and leave a credit card on file for monthly payments.

13. While making holiday or summer reservations it is required that a nonrefundable deposit of $50 is made. This payment will be put towards your boarding fee or other services.

14. While boarding with us we will provide a high quality dog food. However, if your dog is on a strict diet, has a sensitive stomach, or if you prefer your own food, please provide us with your dog’s food. Please be aware that changing your dog’s diet can lead to a slightly increased risk of loose stool and/or vomiting. You may also provide us with any medications your dog is on with written instructions. This includes your pet’s monthly Heartguard and flea and tick preventives.

15. Due to limited storage space, we highly encourage you to leave your dogs belongings at home. Items included but not limited to are: blankets, pillows, toys, food dishes, leashes and treats. We will supply every amenity your dog needs while they are in our care.

16. For safety purposes the dogs at Paws University will engage in “naked play”. No leather or nylon collars will be left on your pet. All dogs will be given a reinforced paper collar with their name.

17. Hours of operation: Boarding and Day Care are open Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm. Saturdays from 7am to 4pm. Boarding drop-off & pick-up times for Sundays are from 10am to 3 pm. NO Daycare on Sundays or major holidays. Paws is closed All Major Holidays for pick-ups & drop-offs. While making reservations, it is required that you inform the faculty of your pick up and drop off times.

18. Dogs that board with us play, wrestle, and have a lot of fun. Therefore, dogs that board with us 3 or more nights will be given a bath at a discounted rate. Additional grooming can be arranged at your request and subject to additional fees.

19. While we don’t mind taking care of your elderly dog while you are away, you acknowledge that geriatric dogs do get sick and have the potential to pass on to the other side at any time. Because of their elderly nature you acknowledge the risk involved and do not hold Paws University responsible for any possible illness or death due to their age.

20. We reserve the right to find your dog another home if they are left with us for longer than two weeks after the indicated pick-up date and no communication has been attempted to notify us. If your dog cannot be placed in a new home, they will then be turned into the Hawaii Island Humane Society as an abandoned animal.

21. Boarding facilities as a whole are synonymous with both fleas and ticks. Here at Paws, we strive to keep a flea & tick free environment. We are also hoping that the dog guardians are doing the same with keeping up with monthly treatments and baths. Therefore, an initial examination of your dog will be given upon arrival. If fleas are found on your dog, they will be treated and allowed to return to the play yard when the presence is gone. The price for treatment is $40 + tax per treatment. Dogs participating in Daycare may either be taken home or be treated at the facility if parasites are found. If your dog is found to have ticks, you will be required to take them home. You may contact your veterinarian for a treatment.

22. What does all this doggy fun cost? (Prices subject to change).

$15 plus tax Due upon completion of screening

Doggie Day Care
Doggie Day Care is offered Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. *Prices do not include sales tax.

  • 1 Day: $30.25
  • 10 Pack: $287.50 (5% savings)
  • 20 Pack: $544.40 (10% savings)

Late Fees
We close at 6 p.m. (Monday – Friday), 4 p.m. (Saturday), 3 p.m. (Sunday). An additional charge will be enforced for pick ups or drop offs after these times. An additional charge will also be enforced for early drop-offs on Sundays. $10 will be charged for the first 15 minutes $5 will be added for each additional 15 minutes thereafter.
**There is a $50 charge for holiday drop-offs & pick-ups.**

Dogs are charged a full days boarding rate no matter what time they are dropped off. Check out time is 12:00 p.m., any pick ups after this time you will be charged a daycare fee. Packages can be mixed and matched. *Prices do not include sales tax.

Dog’s Package Cost per day

  • Freshman $41.10: Includes boarding, food, and a ton of fun through socialization with their furry friends and two-legged caretakers
  • Sophomore $48.00: Includes boarding, food, brushing, and snacks
  • Junior $55.00: Includes boarding, food, brushing, snacks, and morning and afternoon one-on-one play time with a two-legged caretaker
  • Senior $76.00: Includes boarding, food, brushing, snacks, morning and afternoon one-on-one play time with a two-legged caretaker, and obedience training time
  • Non-Fixed $47.80: Individual yard

Other Boarding Services
Boarding School:
1 dog, 30 days Boarding School – guaranteed training program
$1775 total (Discounts do not apply to Boarding School)

Long Term Boarding/ Multiple Pet Discounts
10% off 2 or more pets, or for stays 10 days or more
15% off all pets for stays 30 days or more
5% off for senior citizens (55 or older)

Varies. Please consult receptionist or groomer

I have read this agreement with the faculty. I understand, agree and have no further questions regarding Paws University’s Doggie Day Care and Boarding Terms and Conditions.

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