Private Dog Training

Thank you for considering Paws University for your training needs. Our handlers are adept and deeply experienced in the use of Positive Reinforcement or Operant Conditioning in Obedience Training. In addition, we utilize LIMA (Least Invasive Minimally Aversive) protocol in dealing with problem behaviors.

It is important that all prospective training clients understand that we place a high emphasis on owner commitment in order for training to be successful. This means that throughout the training process, an owner or handler will have to dedicate oneself to a similar learning process of the “Four Stages of Learning” with regard to dog training to effectively handle their dog. The “Four Stages of Learning” involve acquisition, fluency, generalization and maintenance. Acquisition involves learning the new skill, followed by fluency or rehearsal to refine the handling skill. Generalization is recognizing that progress is occurring and therefore adding distractions to challenge both handler and dog in placing them in environments that they have no other choice but to use their acquired skill in real time. Finally, with successful rehearsal, understanding that these acquired skills unnatural to the dog and handler, must undergo regular maintenance to preserve the skills. The dog’s home and training environment also influence behavior. In most cases, modifying the environment is a must for the dogs to progress.

We would like to take the first steps in facilitating your concerns or requests by having you answer the questions below. The information provided will help us in determining your training goals as well as provide us with the relevant information that has influence relating to your dog’s behavior.

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